Colorful Bullets has two game modes.

The first one is "Free Roam", where the player in control of a white cube. The player can move the white cube freely and must guide it through waves of colorful bullets. If the cube gets hit by one of the bullets, the player loses the game.

The second game mode is "Color Switching", where the player cannot move the white cube, but can change it's color to either Red, Green, Blue, Light Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink or Purple for short periods at all times. Bullets in these colors will get sent towards the cube from 4 directions, and the player will need to change it's color to match the closest bullet's. If a bullet hits the cube and the cube doesn't match it's color, the player will lose the game and get sent back to the main menu.

(Open the text file in the game's folder for more information!)


Main font - "Pixel Operator HB 8" by Jayvee Enaguas (HarvettFox96)

Sound effects - pumodi, Taria Komori, ProjectsU012, lulyc, cabled_mess and stumpbutt


Colorful 383 kB

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